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    Skyworth brings its luxury customized TV Metz Sculpture into China

    Skyworth's sub-brand Metz officially landed in the Chinese market and launched the first product Metz Sculpture 1, priced at 199,000 yuan and audio set 359,000 yuan. Skyworth said that the TV can only be ordered to produce ten units per month, with three months delivery, and users can watch the...
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    PS5 can support native 4K 60fps according to developers

    Recently, there are rumors that PS5 cannot reach 4K 60fps game screen, but in a recent interview with the development team Teamkill, they confirmed that PS5 will undoubtedly be able to easily reach 4K 60fps. So where does the worry about the PS5 picture come from? This rumor originally came from...
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    Wearable airconditioner for outdoor workers to cool off - Comodo Gear

    Fujitsu launched a wearable equipment Comodo Gear which is a small cooling device around the neck and can effectively reduce the wearer's body temperature. Comodo Gear is specially provided for lease by operators in hot weather and non-air-conditioned working environment, such as construction...
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    Android TV active users increased by 80% compared to 2019

    Google said on Monday that active users of its Android TV video operating system have increased by 80% year-on-year. Google disclosed these data in product updates, but did not provide the actual number of active users. Both Roku and Amazon are the largest video operating system suppliers in the...
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    Sony State of Play games released summary

    awesome. thanks for sharing
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    Final Fantasy 7 Remake global sales have exceeded 5 million

    SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. announced today that the PlayStation 4 game Final Fantasy 7 Remake released worldwide on April 10, 2020 has become SQUARE ENIX's first work on the PlayStation platform with more than 2 million downloads, and cumulative global sales have exceeded 5 million. Final Fantasy...
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    Samsung Galaxy Watch3 released. Let's take a look.

    On the evening of August 5th, Samsung officially released the third-generation smartwatch Galaxy Watch3, which went on sale on August 6. On the evening of August 5. Galaxy Watch 3 focuses on sports health management, including eight aspects. Galaxy Watch3 external configuration The watch is...
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    New information on PS5 console may be released by Digital Foundry in late August

    Sony recently confirmed that it will hold a new issue of "State Of Play" on Aug 7th. An anonymous official from the PlayStation department revealed that SIE plans to announce the latest news about PS5 within this month. However, on the 4Chan forum, someone broke the news that the PS5 teardown...
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    Xbox Series X console will be compatible with various Xbox One controllers

    Microsoft did not miss the opportunity to jump out and ensure that the Xbox Series X console that has not yet been released supports all previous Xbox One controllers, including but not limited to: various colorful controllers, handicapped controllers, elite version controllers, third-party Xbox...
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    Entry-level 4K home theater projector BenQ W2700 review

    The selling points of the BenQ W2700 are printed on the box. This is an ultra-high-definition projector that supports 4K HDR, and its HDR is still the PRO version. It does not simply support HDR format, but has made a series of optimizations to support HDR 10 and HLG. HLG is designed for TV...
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    Xiaomi Smart Home adds new members - Electric Scooter Pro 2 and 1S

    Xiaomi Smart Home has successively launched Xiaomi phones, Xiaomi TVs, Xiaomi routers, smart cameras, Mi TV boxes/sticks, smart bracelets/watches, smart window curtain, air purifiers, smart bulbs, smart blood pressure monitors, washing machines. Now it released Electric Scooter Pro 2. In the...
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    How to make better use of a home projector? What the projector can do is more than you think

    We use projector at home and take it with us when we go out. In addition to the most conventional animations for children, we watch big movies ourselves. I also use projectors to make various games to help children online lessons. The projector has even become a mobile recipe for my mother and...
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    Samsung is planning on 6G communications. What can we expect?

    Wow, 5G is not coming yet now there will come 6G.
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    Redmi smart TV X50 is available from now on at 1899RMB

    On July 15th, the Redmi smart TV X50 was officially announced for sale, with a final price of 1899 yuan. The 4K tv has a metal full screen and 2GB+32GB storage. The Redmi Smart TV X series has 50/55/65 inches. Among them, the Redmi Smart TV X55 and 65 have been on sale from June 10. Appearance...