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    Huawei HiSilicon self-developed non-smart ATV TV chip: 28nm process with Lite OS

    just what i need- a simple TV without any useless function
  2. Tyler123

    Will Xbox Series S replace the Xbox One X and Xbox One S that are no longer sold?

    While all eyes are on the launch of the Xbox Series X , many retailers are no longer offering the Xbox One X or Xbox One S all Digital models for sale. And for good reason: Microsoft is stopping production of these last two models. Xbox One S will remain on sale The Xbox One X was released in...
  3. Tyler123

    Xbox Games Showcase July 23: feature games, livestreams, Xbox S

    I will play all the games mentioned in the article for sure. I still hope that the July conf will be able to bring a wide diversity as was able to do Sony during its recent reveal, because the dominant at Xbox remains for the moment essentially reserved for an adult audience. Which is great, but...
  4. Tyler123

    Xbox Game Pass on Playstation or Nintendo Switch: Microsoft says NO

    I think that it is mainly Sony and Nintendo who do not want to be colonized by Xbox services!
  5. Tyler123

    True 4K and Fake 4K Projectors: Why I Told Everyone Stop Worrying

    It's also like calling DLP projectors "monochromatic" since they only display 1 color at a time (with the color wheel).
  6. Tyler123

    Hisense Hisense H9G Reiview: Awesome TV! But these cons still matter

    I've been waiting for about 6 weeks for someone to have this Hisense H9G in stock and was fortunate enough to check Amazon at the right time and was able to order Hisense H9G. This Hisense H9G 4K UHD TV has an amazing picture and the specs cannot be beaten at its price point. Hisense H9G...
  7. Tyler123

    Apple Glass new AR patents revealed: What AR glasses are like in 2022

    According to the media reports, a new Apple patent application describes a technology that uses eyes to control augmented reality (AR) glasses (Apple Glass). The patent application describes eye tracking technology, which can realize eye control devices through eyeball rotation, blinking, and...
  8. Tyler123

    Acer C250i Portable Projector Review: brilliant auto protrait mode projection

    They call it "World 1st Wireless Portable LED projector supporting Auto Portrait display" I wanna give it a rty But the brightness stops me :sick:
  9. Tyler123

    How to add user profiles to the Amazon Prime Video service?

    Earlier this week, Amazon announced that it will eventually add user profiles to its Prime Video service. Finally, you can separate profiles for each family member (up to six) so that your watchlist and suggestions are not confused. This is a simple feature that should exist from the beginning...
  10. Tyler123

    Roku mixes OTT with live TV channels to cause chaos

    This week Roku released an update that combines high-definition antennas with Roku's live TV channels. Although some users like this change, more users think that this update makes the homepage confusing, slow, and inconvenient. Through the update, users who use Roku TV to watch OTA channels...
  11. Tyler123

    Jailbreak the Apple TV-checkra1n 0.10.2 beta (for Mac)

    Windows users crying rn (including me)
  12. Tyler123

    What is the FreeSync and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)? How to activate them?

    What is FreeSync? What is the VRR? How to activate FreeSync on Xbox One or other devices? The technosphere is in turmoil. Since a CES marked by the announcement of televisions with marketing centered on the players and monitors always evolving, or even since the announcement of its support on...