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    HBO The Last of Us TV series will be Jaw-dropping according to the director

    In an interview with the BBC, Craig Mazin, the director and screenwriter of HBO's The Last of Us TV series (he directed Chernobyl), talked about the plans for the new series and said that they are creating some new content and reimagining the existing plot, trying to make everyone fall in love...
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    Minoria, sequel to Momodola, will be available on PS4/XOne/NS in September

    Today (August 11th), the publisher DANGEN Entertainment released a new trailer for Minoria, which will be available on the PS4/XOne/NS platform on September 10th, 2020. It was already landed on the Steam platform on August 27th 2019. The overall evaluation was favorable. Minoria trailer...
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    Mortal Shell latest information - to be on sale on August 18

    Mortal Shell, which was open for testing some time ago, was well received by the player community. In just one week, the number of downloads exceeded 350,000, and the number of views on Twitch and YouTube exceeded 6 million. Thanks to a good market reputation and efficient testing, Cold...
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    Play OBAKEIDORO for free on Nintendo Switch

    Recently, Nintendo officially announced that a new phase of "Trial Club" is about to begin. During the specified time, players can try out designated games on Nintendo Switch for free. During the event period, players can choose Nintendo Switch Online in the Nintendo eShop, then choose "Try the...
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    Is there any simple guide for new players of Dead Cells?

    only know when you played it
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    Is the Code Vein $59.99 worth buying?

    I haven't played it. But want to try
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    What are the AI behavior mechanism of the enemy in Sekiro?

    too hard for beginners
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    Fighting game Fantasy Strike free on Steam now

    why is it free? :oops:
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    PS5 life cycle shortened: PS6 console is expected within 5 years

    i care more about the price
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    White Xbox Series X? Are there any other versions of Xbox Series X?

    A photo of a white Xbox Series X controller appeared on Reddit recently. The poster claimed to have taken this photo at a party organized by a Microsoft employee for children in Washington State. After that, the poster deleted the account and picture. The photo shows that this white handle...
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    Xbox Series X will have the most games in console history

    wait and see😇
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    Expected changes that PS5 will bring to future games

    no matter what happen, we still have to pay
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    The Last of US Part 2 analysis of the source of controversy about the plot

    how can you let Joel dead like this!
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    Ford v Ferrari movie short review: no one achieved a grand slam

    At first I thought Ford v Ferrari was a duel between Ford and Ferrari. Later I realized that it was a confrontation between the driver and the bureaucracy. Bale performed his best and portrayed this pure driver very deeply.
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    Fate/EXTRA Record remake expected and live broadcast tonight

    Have you watched the animation series of Fate? Fate/Zero is one of my favourite.