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  1. Kevin254

    Gotham Knights game: Batman is dead, controls the Bat family to fight

    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Warner Montreal Studios officially announced the long-rumored new game of "Batman" at DC fan festival on Saturday - Gotham Knights. The game will be released in 2021, landing on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Gotham Knights main...
  2. Kevin254

    Nintendo Switch new players guide: what should you know about the controller?

    One Nintendo Switch, regardless of wired and wireless, can access 8 controllers at the same time. In the specific game, the number of players is determined by the content and mode. The left and right Joy-cons are counted as two controllers separately. So when it is used in pairs, the actual...
  3. Kevin254

    Sony is recruiting talents for next-generation VR head-mounted displays

    VR development is hard. It needs time for new black tech emerging.
  4. Kevin254

    Are there any games on Switch that you must not buy?

    Here are a few games that are not recommended for purchase on Switch. If you have a lot of money, you can buy it whatever you want. 1. MIRROR (1 person) Although the Switch version has added a lot of new plots (and deleted a few plots), and the quality of the established graphics is much...
  5. Kevin254

    TCL TCL released new 5 series and 6 series Roku TVs with Mini LED screens

    On August 11th, TCL released new 5 series and 6 series Roku TVs , of which all 6 series are equipped with Mini LED screens. TCL 6 series Roku TV adopts a metal frame, is equipped with more than a thousand Mini LEDs, realizes 240-level partition control, supports 120Hz refresh rate, THX game...
  6. Kevin254

    Samsung Samsung Sero TVs for sale in Netherlands and Belgium starting in mid-August

    It is reported that Samsung announced the launch of Sero TVs with rotating screens in the Netherlands and Belgium. The large smartphone-shaped smart TV Sero will be at a price of 1,699 Euros. This is a fairly high price for TV products. Even a 43-inch 4K QLED that can rotate around its axis, but...
  7. Kevin254

    PS4 DS4 controller cannot play PS5 games

    Sony has made clarifications and answers on the downward compatibility of PS5 accessories in the latest blog post. For the old players, there are gains and losses. Although the DualShock 4 handle of PS4 can be used on PS5, it can only play those PS4 games that are backward compatible with PS5...
  8. Kevin254

    Logitech G PRO X wireless LIGHTSPEED gaming headset available in August

    Logitech G PRO X wireless gaming headset has been launched a few days ago. This headset uses professional LIGHTSPEED wireless technology and is manufactured according to the requirements of e-sports professionals. Logitech G PRO X wireless gaming headset has high-quality materials, advanced...
  9. Kevin254

    Retail sale of China's home appliances reached 369 billion yuan in the first half of the year

    Yesterday, the Report on China's Home Appliances Market in the First Half of 2020 released by the China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute showed that the retail sales of China's home appliance market in the first half of the year was 369 billion yuan, a decrease of...
  10. Kevin254

    Skyworth Swaiot Panel mobile smart screen can be used for what?

    At the Skyworth TV 2020 summer new product launch conference on July 22, the Skyworth Swaiot Panel mobile smart screen presented with Skyworth S81 Pro attracted everyone's attention. In fact, the Skyworth Swaiot Panel mobile smart screen was first announced at the Skyworth TV Spring Festival...
  11. Kevin254

    Ford v Ferrari movie short review: no one achieved a grand slam

    Ford v Ferrari tells about the legendary PK of Ford's hard-bar race hegemon at the famous LeMans 24-hour endurance race. Ferrari has always been playing racing cars. Everyone knows that, but how did Ford and Ferrari get on? The last part of the tens of minutes of racing scene is really...
  12. Kevin254

    Lastest UK physical game sales rankings

    In the latest issue of the UK's physical game sales rankings, Ghost of Tsushima and Paper Mario The Origami King ranked top 1 and 2 respectively. Ghost of Tsushima sold in the first week is about four times of Paper Mario The Origami King. Although the data is not as good as The Last of Us Part...
  13. Kevin254

    Honor Smart TV X1 50-inch version unveiled and priced at 1999 RMB

    Today (July 16, 2020), the new Honor Smart TV X1 50-inch version was unveiled at the Honor MagicBook new product launch event. It has been a year since Honor officially released the smart screen category on July 15, 2019. During that time, we have seen Honor successively launched a variety of...
  14. Kevin254

    Samsung LCD TV screen price increasing? Signs showing in China

    The current screen technology is changing with each passing day. OLED and QLED are gradually known to the public, but the current mainstream TVs globally are still dominated by LED. In just a few years, the price of LCD TVs can be said to have experienced a cliff-like drop. According to a report...
  15. Kevin254

    Klipsch released McLaren T5 II Sport true wireless headset

    T5 II Sport McLaren version black and yellow color looks better than the other two.
  16. Kevin254

    Importance of Wi-Fi 6 to 4K, 8K Video and advantages of Wi-Fi 6 over Wi-Fi 5

    90 percent of all branded smart TVs have a MediaTek chipset inside, and this includes TVs from brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi.
  17. Kevin254

    Netflix new movie The Old Guard is coming on July 10

    Produced by Netflix, Charlie Theron starred in the action movie The Old Guard today (July 9) adapted from Marvel cartoon announced a new trailer, the film will be on July 10 on Netflix Live broadcast. A secret mercenary team has a mysterious ability that will not die. Closely related, they are...
  18. Kevin254

    Will smart TVs have to be replaced for several years like mobile phones?

    Traditional TVs can generally be used for seven or eight years. Will smart TVs be used for two or three years like mobile phones are getting slower and the experience is getting worse need to be replaced? For most users who only want to meet their basic needs, it can take five years to choose a...