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  1. vivian334

    Why the Netflix keeps reboot on Mi TV Stick? How to solve it?

    That solved the problem, thx a lot
  2. vivian334

    What is a Dangbei Projector? Are Dangbei Projectors any good?

    I was hoping an affordable model, no more than $500, I still care about the picture, even with a limit budget
  3. vivian334

    Xbox Summer Game Fest: the first 10 demo games from July 21!

    Xbox has just announced a new event as part of the Xbox Summer Game Fest. From July 21 and for a week, more than 60 Xbox game demos will be available for free download! Here is all the info. 🎮 Xbox Summer Game Fest What is the Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event? When to Download Xbox...
  4. vivian334

    Xbox Series X conference in July: the first party games on July 23 (rumor)

    While we all wait impatiently to see what Microsoft has in store for the Xbox Series X conference in July , the official date of the famous event is still unknown. If many agree that it will take place the week of July 20, some get a little more wet and now advance a specific date. July 23...
  5. vivian334

    How to watch OnePlus Smarter TV LiveStream on July 2?

    I Wish to Buy a New TV, Waiting from Long time, I also Wish to Buy a New Mobile that is also tooo old, 2016 model. Waiting a Perfect Device in affordable price, I hope OnePlus will not disappoint me, I m gonna buy both things in reasonable Price.
  6. vivian334

    Facebook ultra-thin VR concept glasses explosure: slim as sunglasses

    For some time, Facebook and Oculus have been working hard to create thinner, more comfortable VR headset devices. Facebook recently showed the outside world a slim VR (virtual reality) concept glasses, the appearance is like sunglasses. Image from Facebook official Current VR devices are...
  7. vivian334

    Epic executives: PS5 is a masterpiece of system design with revolutionary upgrades

    So can we get free PS5 games from Epic?
  8. vivian334

    OnePlus' new smart TV to be released on July 2 with 93% DCI-P3 color gamut

    OnePlus will indeed launch 3 variants in 3 screen sizes: 32" (Under 20K), 43" (Under 30K) & 55" (Under 50K). In fact, the 55" variant's accessories did make an appearance on amazon, confirming the 55U1 Model number
  9. vivian334

    OnePlus' new smart TV to be released on July 2 with 93% DCI-P3 color gamut

    Here's a look at the Amazon listing of the Wallmount of OnePlus 55U1 55" TV
  10. vivian334

    PS5 vs. PS4: 5 major improvements which are really awesome

    thx for the comparison bro
  11. vivian334

    Why your home theater sound is bad? 4 ways to improve

    love home theater for a long time but it's a bit expensive
  12. vivian334

    NVIDIA-SHIELD Android TV Pro Pros and Cons: from 500 Users advices

    Does not play as nice with my other electronics (TV, soundbar) as the 4k fire stick. Even though I turn off CEC on both the Shield and TV its as if CEC is still present somewhere on the Shield. Also, sometimes plays audio in PCM rather than Dolby. No way to manually change it even when...
  13. vivian334

    Minecraft Dungeons: guide and tips for enchanting weapons and objects

    thanks for sharing, need more guideline and walkthrough about Minecraft Dungeons
  14. vivian334

    Projector Buying Guide 2020-based on Analysis of TOP 100 Amazon Best Sellers

    Amazon Best Projectors Sellers indicate most buyers are interested in BenQ and Epson
  15. vivian334

    Epic's free game "Overcooked" this week?? Are you kidding me?

    They already were giving away some games second time. And always it was caused by sudden change of plans. It means that they either decided to not giveaway it or something was not ready in time.
  16. vivian334

    Xbox Series X VS PS5: which next generation game console worth buying?

    Xbox will be more powerful. SONY is trying to put it in certain a perspective, but Xbox will have more horsepower. On the other side it seems that SONY invested more in the side specs and futures like superb SSD, sound and controller. I think that it’s those additional futures that can push PS5...
  17. vivian334

    90-year-old woman won Guinness for playing GTA5 8 hours a day

    We all know that we like something, but it doesn’t have much to do with age. For example, we want to talk about playing games today. In fact, games are things that many boys love. Many people don’t want to give up. They want to play for a while every day, but The reluctance of life forced me to...
  18. vivian334

    Minecraft GTA combines: a test of minecraft in gta 5 mod

    that's awesome BUT How To Install GTA 5 mod In Minecraft?
  19. vivian334

    The Sims 4 Review: What's special about "The Sims 4 "?

    The EA billboard finally arrives on consoles in an announced formula identical to the PC versions. There had, of course, been incursions on our salon machines previously. This time, it's the right one, everyone can finally live a relationship by proxy with Sandra or Vladimir Gothik, according to...