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    Fitbit will continue to release new smartwatches

    According to WinFuture, Fitbit, which is being acquired by Google, has not stopped the release of new products. A few days ago, renderings of the brand's Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Inspire 2 and the new Fitbit Sense Smartwatch were exposed. Fitbit Sense Since last year, Fitbit has been working...
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    How to solve the automatic drift of Joy-con on the left controller of Nintendo Switch? How to repair Joy-con?

    Let me summarize precautions for dismantling Joy-Con Whether it is the iron sheet of the joystick module or the SL/SR cable of the right Joy-Con, there is a high probability that irreversible damage will occur during disassembly. Please think twice before you start. Before you start, make...
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    Do you like the shirt that can measure your body temperature and heart rate?

    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) research team developed a shirt that measures vital signs such as temperature, respiration and heart rate by knitting sensors inside the clothes. It is called E-TeCS (Electronic Textile Conformable Suite). E-TeCS prototype The sensor is a...
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    Xiaomi transparent TV released priced at 49,999 RMB: how to evaluate it?

    Transparent OLED TV is more suitable for high-end business occasions or furnishings for wealthy family villas. Family practicality is very low. The anti reflective ability of transparent TV should not be good. If anti reflective coating is added, it will not be so transparent when it is turned...
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    Do young people's living rooms install a TV or a projector?

    Have you ever thought about a question that do you really need a TV in the living room at home? Do young people's living rooms install a TV or a projector? Of course, if there are elderly people at home, you must consider installing a TV set in the elderly room to facilitate watching the news...
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    How to play Mage and how to increase attack power in Dark Souls 3?

    In the game, many players find that the damage of the Mage is not high enough, and the efficiency is not as fast as using the weapon to level it. Doesn't the Mage have any meaning in Dark Souls 3? Here is a guide to increase the damage of Dark Souls 3 Mage. Mage damage increase strategy - How...
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    Power amplifier and speakers guide: difference, connection and how to choose

    3. Sound dyeing Some speakers have "sound staining" or sound reproduction defects, and they will be imposed on the replayed music. Such as the harsh sound, metallic high-pitched sound, rough or uneven midrange due to poor cabinet design. If such a sound can be heard no matter which kind of...
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    Power amplifier and speakers guide: difference, connection and how to choose

    What is the difference between power amplifier and speakers? 1. Audio source (equipment for playing music and songs): such as CD player, DVD player, tape recorder, etc. 2. Power amplifier (equipment used to drive speaker speakers): split type (including front stage and rear stage) and combined...
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    How do you know that your cameras, computers, speakers and home security system are hacked?

    Agree. there are some apps that help people to record their passwords and accounts. I don't think it is safe.
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    How do you know that your cameras, computers, speakers and home security system are hacked?

    You probably just assume everything’s working normally. But, what if it’s been hacked and it’s being used to spy on you? They could learn your routine and break in or see passwords and security codes as you enter them. How do you know that your smart security system is hacked? There are 8 signs...
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    Farcry 6 appeared on the Playstation Hong Kong eshop free for Playstation 5

    Recently, the page of Farcry 6 appeared on the Playstation Hong Kong eshop, which revealed a lot of information about the game. For example, Farcry 6 will be available on February 18 next year, and it can be upgraded to the Playstation 5 version for free. You will need a Playstation 5 console...
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    Phoenix Wright scriptor and director Yamazaki resigned from Capcom

    I know Capcom because of Resident Evil 4. It seems no other impressive games released.
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    VGP awards winner Shure AONIC 50 active noise-cancelling headphone

    Whether a head[phone is good or not, in addition to the subjective audition experience, it also depends on the industry's evaluation of it. For example, the evaluation of VGP. "VGP" is a comprehensive award for audiovisual equipment, which began in 1987 and is one of the largest awards in Japan...
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    Google is working on new Nest smart speaker

    Previously, a new Nest smart speaker device from Google was inadvertently leaked. According to media The Verge, Google has responded to the leak through regulatory documents and acknowledged the existence of the new Nest smart speaker. Google recently sent official photos of the new Nest smart...
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    Apple TV better user experience expected according to new patents

    for users, the best experience is free and rich content.:LOL:
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    Why not make a smart TV a touchscreen?

    The touch screen of the mobile phone is easy to do. If we think in terms of magnification, we also think that it is reasonable to make a TV. In fact, it is not true, because mobile phones, pads, and even laptop screens are small and medium-sized products. Within the scope of small and medium...
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    Will smart TVs have to be replaced for several years like mobile phones?

    No need to replace your tv so fast as mobile phones. Don't waste money.