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    OLED Burn In Issue: How serious is it and how to avoid it?

    sent it back if with warranty
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    OTT TV global revenue suring and US accounting for half

    People are watching TV instead of working for months.
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    You will have to watch Fear Street on Netflix

    Netflix purchased the Fear Street trilogy from Disney, adapted from R.L. Stine's teen horror series, directed by Leigh Janiak. The three complete movies were produced by Chenin Entertainment on Fox, with the goal of each movie being released one month apart. The film has been filmed in Georgia...
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    Xiaomi transparent TV released priced at 49,999 RMB: how to evaluate it?

    mass production? are you crazy?
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    Movie Recommendation - When you feel that you are out of step with the world

    Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001) Romance to the bones, melancholy, neurotic, jumping, literature and art are very typical French movies! Self-entertaining and helping others, using kindness to soothe the surrounding melancholy, using smiles to extend the color of life, and finally get...
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    What do you think of the Amazon small digital clock Echo Flex?

    Although Amazon introduced a practical smart clock (Amazon Clock) very early, it uses a wall-mounted + analog display design. For users who like small digital clocks, Amazon's new Echo Flex may be more able to meet your needs for Alexa intelligent voice interaction. Thanks to Amazon Flex’s...
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    Nolan responded to the end of Inception after 10 years

    Although it has been ten years since the release of the movie Inception, there is still no accurate answer as to whether the spinning top stopped at the end of the movie. In the movie, the actor played by Leonardo has been using a spinning top to distinguish reality from dreams. If the spinning...
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    PS5 life cycle shortened: PS6 console is expected within 5 years

    It has been 7 years since the release of Sony’s PS4 console. During this period, because the development speed of 4K exceeded expectations, Sony introduced PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro facelifted consoles in the mid-term to support 4K content. However, sources from the supply chain claim that the design...
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    Ghosts of War movie short review: chowder of ghosts, war, science fiction

    Ghosts of War could be the latest strange horror movie that I have watched recently. The director of The Butterfly Effect movie has brought us his new work which I was highly expected. Ghosts of War tells about the battle between the US military and the Nazis during World War II, as it went on...
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    Relic movie short review: horror movie not horrifying

    I have watched a lot of horror movies in recent years, but it seems that the family movies have not won the "Genetic Doom". The Relic movie is a thriller with a family theme, not a horror movie. The atmosphere in front for a long time, just to reveal the secret of mother, but the performance is...
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    Forensic India crime and thriller movie review: get the real murderer until the end

    The strangeness that could not be said at the beginning of the movie Forensic. After the boy's long eyelashes passed, he pointed the camera at a group of chickens. The boy's eyes followed the chickens, expressionless, staring at a chicken slaughtered. Then a big panorama, oh, the boy actually...
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    Why do I think Independence Day is underestimated?

    In the 1990s, Hollywood movies reached a new peak in history, and the exciting scenes of great movies made every Oscar award full of suspicious temperament of suspense, thriller and even conspiracy theory. In 1997, The English Patient became the biggest winner of the 69th Academy Awards, but...
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    Hamilton film short review: A gift to heal us in this special period

    When I heard that Hamilton official wanted to disney+, as a musical fan I felt like I was going to have a New Year! This may be a small amount of good news during the coronovirus pandemic. Hamilton has launched streaming media in advance because of the epidemic. Otherwise, it may still be locked...
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    How to match speakers with power amplifier? Detailed explaination

    How to match the speakers with power amplifier? Many friends who have just learned about home theater do not know much about this aspect. Here I will share with you in detail. Four elements of power amplifier and speaker matching The connection between the power amplifier and the speaker...
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    Top 3 movies in 2019 recommended: Have you seen them all?

    The Joker is one of the most impressive images from movies and dramas.
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    Mientras dure la guerra (While at War) movie short review: doctrine is just a form of human will

    After watching the Mientras dure la guerra (While at War) movie, I think it's necessary to do some aftersight and sort out my emotions. In the process of watching movies, I mainly have two feelings. One is the protagonist's powerless struggle, which is also a movie, most of the time. As a...
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    What do you think of Xbox Live manager Dan McCulloch leaving Microsoft?

    all i know is when you are useless, you will be moved out