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  1. Jannyferr

    Skyworth brings its luxury customized TV Metz Sculpture into China

    WOW. This is how the rich play.
  2. Jannyferr

    Do not miss Paprika if you like ‎Inception

    Coming back from Paprika, I think it is far from Inception.
  3. Jannyferr

    Roku vs. Netflix: secrets behind the battle of TV streaming platforms

    🤪i don't care as long as they can satisfy me
  4. Jannyferr

    Nolan's Tenet movie preview and first released reviews

    Nolan's Tenet movie reviews: super, many reversals, best after Inception Recently, some European countries have shown the movie Tenet to the media. The two reporters who watched the film gave Worldofreel their impressions, saying that Tenet is Nolan's best film after Inception, and there are...
  5. Jannyferr

    Movie recommendation this week available on HBO Max and Disney+

    Jojo Rabbit (2019) - available on HBO Max A new famed film by the talented director of Thor 3. It tells the story of a German child who grew up in the atmosphere of World War II and changed his mind under the influence of people and events. Scarlett Johansson acted as the mother. Jojo is an...
  6. Jannyferr

    Will the remote control gradually disappear in the future?

    Now many smart TVs have added powerful functions such as gesture control and voice control. There are even different methods that do not require a remote control. You can rely on voice, gestures, or camera somatosensory to control or install and use Android, IOS virtual software through mobile...
  7. Jannyferr

    Watch More on TikTok through your Amazon Fire TV

    TikTok launched its first TV application on Amazon Fire TV devices, called "More on TikTok". This TV app was launched on August 6 and will add two new content formats: In the Studio broadcasts an interview with stars on TikTok; This is TikTok focus on the creator of the app. The content of "More...
  8. Jannyferr

    Nolan responded to the end of Inception after 10 years

    No matter the spining top topped or not, It doesn't affect the viewing experience. I think the set of end is just to leave a space for aftertaste or mystery.
  9. Jannyferr

    Avatar 2 film concept art appreciation

    Recently, the Avatar 2 film officially exposed new concept art on Twitter, showing the multi-functional submersible used by humans, which can be used on land or in the sea. RDA's new engineering machine also debuted. The sequel mainly tells the story of the Na'mi on the planet Pandora in the...
  10. Jannyferr

    What is the meaning of 3LED and 4LED of the projector, which one is better?

    When buying a projector, understanding the parameters is an important part. Among them, brightness is a key indicator. When comparing the brightness of LED projectors of different brands, one difference will be found: 3LED and 4LED. So, what does the 3LED and 4LED of the projector mean and which...
  11. Jannyferr

    What movies do you think are most impressive or unforgettable?

    Are there any movies that make people unable to extricate themselves and remember for a long time? What movies do you think are most impressive or unforgettable? I have watched lots of movies and cannot remember most of them. In recent years, the routines of movies are almost the same, and you...
  12. Jannyferr

    Action gangster movie Bad Boys for Life short review

    The Hollywood action gangster movie Bad Boys for Life produced by Columbia Pictures is blessed by Hollywood gold medal producer Jerry Bruckheimer, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Since the film was released in North America, the box office has achieved good results. Up to now, North...
  13. Jannyferr

    Brave New World TV series review: unsuccessful adaptation and innovation

    The story of Brave New World is set in New London in 2540 AD when humans will not form a family, nor will they have a baby (women have a special contraceptive belt and contraceptive gymnastics and they will also take drugs regularly) Female pregnancy is a scandal in New London. Human...
  14. Jannyferr

    How to make better use of a home projector? What the projector can do is more than you think

    Thank you for sharing. I would like to try.
  15. Jannyferr

    Palm Springs movie review: the pain is real

    WHAT!!!!The male lead Nyles fucked everyone on the scene including the black and the female lead's dad. :sick:😰😨