How can I watch the 2022 World Cup live in the UK?​

The BBC and ITV share the rights to broadcast all World Cup matches live in the UK. They each own almost half of the rights to broadcast the matches live.

TV stations: BBC and ITV channels​

If living in the UK, fans will be able to watch the World Cup on the BBC and ITV TV channels, both non-subscription free-to-air broadcasters. All you need is a UK TV license to access them for free.

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Streaming platforms: BBC iPlayer and ITVX apps​

Those without access to a BBC or ITV TV can also watch online via their respective streaming platforms BBC iPlayer or ITVX (replacing ITV Hub this year). Both BBC iPlayer or ITVX can be downloaded, installed and used on any device, including cell phones, tablets, computers, smart projectors and smart TVs.

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Although there is no subscription fee for BBC iPlayer. However, an annual subscription is required, so you will need to pay £159 per year for the BBC licence.

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Half of the World Cup games will be broadcast on the BBC and half on ITV. You can watch the Iran game on BBC One, the USA game on ITV1 and the Wales game on BBC One. You'll also be able to tune in online via iPlayer and ITV Hub.