I Am Not Okay with This: a supernatural movie makes people bleed by intention

Diary 01

My name is Xini, a boring 17-year-old white girl.

My dad was suicidal enough to commit suicide, but today I found that my only friend, Dina, was with sickening Bradley.

The three of us were eating French fries in the restaurant. I thought about how much I hated him. Immediately after the magic happened, Bradley's nose bleed!

Can I make people bleed by my mind? Do I have superpowers?

And today I live next door to Stanley, who doesn't care about everything bad. He took the initiative to talk to me and asked me to listen to the "Blood Witch" by the Eagles.

I Am Not Okay with This


My mom never mentioned my father's things, which made me very annoyed. What makes me even more annoyed is that I am now very sure that I broke the wall of my house by my mind!


Diary 02

Another bad day!

In the morning my mother asked me to go to the supermarket to buy things. When I got to school, I found out that Dina was wearing Bradley's disgusting sports jacket.

Stanley drove me to the supermarket. As a result, my emotions broke out in front of the beverage counter. Stanley saw the shelves that made me a mess.


Back at his house, we smoked marijuana, and then we went to bed ! Although I don't like him very much.

Diary 03

Dear diary, things are starting to get out of control!
First, Bradley's nose, then my brother's pet hedgehog, my list of victims is getting longer and longer!

I went to the party with Dina and I was very happy dancing and dancing. Although Bradley's arrival was disappointing, Dina chose to stay with me.


Later, Dina and I lay in bed, the atmosphere was very good, I couldn't help kissing Dina!

However, Dina did not want to respond.

I ran out angrily, and my superpower was out of control again in the woods, and the woods fell down by me!

Diary 04

F * CK! I was seen by Stanley!

Although I asked him to keep the secret, he also agreed, but this thing in my body has been out of control, and it seems that I am under control!

Stanley haunts me to study my super powers, and his source of information is actually a comic book!

But now he is the only one who is willing to help me. We chatted and found that my out-of-power runaway happened when my mood fluctuated.

He suddenly said that I was ugly and stupid, and the biology class would also hang up. I was very angry, and then two bowling balls flew out, but fortunately he did not hit him.

Diary 05

During the exam, Bradley copied Dina's answer, and the two were asked to stay in court. I was in Dina and Stanley was also in court for me. It was really good and could not be better!

Bradley actually asked for peaceful coexistence with me. I felt like I was going out of control again, so I hid in the library.

But for the first time here, I felt someone was following me, and then the library was completely distorted by me.