Laser TV in 2022: 8K, 100-inch, high brightness


In 2022, what new directions will the laser display market technology have? Recently, many new laser TV products have been released. From the release of these new products, it can be seen that 8K/100-inch/high brightness has become a new upgrade direction. If you want to buy a laser TV, you can do a good screening based on these indicators.
Laser TV8K.jpg

Why 8K?​

You must know that the screen size of laser TVs starts from 100 inches, so the resolution must be high, and 4K has become commonplace. For many users who pursue quality, the configuration of laser TV should be higher, so 8K resolution makes sense. According to the viewing distance of 4 meters from TV size calculator, 56 inches is suitable for 4K resolution, and 100 inches is suitable for 8K resolution.


Why large screen?​

Since the TV has a high resolution, the size of the screen naturally starts from 100 inches. While there are some 80-inch laser TVs out there, that's for the entry-level crowd. For mid-to-high-end users, 100-inch or even 120-inch is suitable. Recently, Hisense released a 120-inch laser TV.

Large TVs also have the advantage of energy-saving. The power of 98-100-inch LCD TV is 300-400 watts, and the power of 100-inch laser TV is less than 200 watts, and the energy consumption is about half of the same size LCD TV. From the energy-saving point of view, the large size is also more worthwhile.

Laser TV HISENSE.jpg

Why high brightness?​

Last but not least, the high brightness. In fact, what consumers are most concerned about is brightness. For laser TVs, brightness directly determines the essential experience. Is it good to watch with the lights on at night, and can you watch it normally during the day? These are the issues that consumers are most concerned about. Therefore, laser TV still has to pay attention to the basic brightness improvement.