Optoma uhz65lv 5000 Lumens Laser


Last month Optoma introduced some new models incl. Laser projectors. Now, I checked the Optoma uhz65lv model and i noticed that this projector lacks Rec.2020. the question is will this model's HDR performance will be as good as Optoma uhz65?

Thank you.


I think that's going to be up to reviews to really determine. Certainly we are seeing the laser projectors really start to ramp up in production with a likewise reduction in pricing. This is the start of what may be the end for lamp-based models, which is long overdue. Cheap projectors may never end up with lasers (sub-$1,000), but I think we will see lasers become a defacto standard in the next ten years.

How we will see actual quality will depend largely on model design and the testing of websites like Projector Central will do their best to relay to others the quality of the final model.

REC-2020, as it stands, is not attainable by any projector on the market. The real film industry standard is P3, so that seems to be a goal for some manufacturers to actually reach. Plus, covering the full REC709 standard is of importance.

Of course, 5,000 lumens sounds great, but that's WAY more light than is typically needed unless it is specifically designed for HDR and high contrast, which has yet to be the case with DLP. They've gone for brightness and family room presentation to cut through ambient light, always at the cost of shadow detail and black levels.

I wouldn't think this will be a bad model. Quite the contrary, but I don't expect it to compete with the better projectors, especially those from Sony and JVC.