Relive classics: Waterloo Bridge | modern Romeo and Juliet


I wonder if this picture is familiar to everyone? That ’s right, the movie to be recommended today is the source of this picture. It ends with the crying “Waterloo Bridge” (Actor: Vivien Leigh, Robert Taylor, Director: Melvin Leroy).


Romance = Can't watch with parents? NO

First of all, this is a beautiful romantic film that conforms to the oriental aesthetic, so everyone can take their parents and eat with confidence when they have nothing to do during the epidemic. First take everyone to eat a wave of dog food.


Has it been caught?

Simple love movie routine? NO


This movie is about the beautiful encounter between a ballet dancer and an officer during World War I. They were devoted at first sight, assisted by friends, recognized by their families, and the love process went smoothly to completely untrue. The director was creating a beautiful Eden. To be honest, in the first half of the movie, I scoffed at the behavior of the male and female host, feeling like they were just falling into love with high school boys and girls-the male host put his own pigeons to watch the female ballet performance; female The owner violated the boss's order and only had dinner with the male owner. Their minds are full of romance and the present, not considering the consequences of all actions in the context of war. But at the end of seeing the film, the shock is beyond words, because the male and female owners, while loving each other unconditionally, are also very responsible and courageous to bear the consequences.


The scene where the hero and the hero are in the restaurant is a classic among the classics, from the composition of the picture, the scheduling of the actors, to the beauty, posture, and sound of the hero and hero, to the trend of the plot, the lines, these elements constitute this The beauty of the classic classic sing. As for how beautiful it is, you can feel it for yourself.


in the movie there is no Eden

In addition to the male and female owners, there is also a very important character to introduce to everyone, that is, Myra's boss-Kirowa, a character that is incompatible with the entire movie. When others are assisting, only she firmly opposes this "hedonism". She is old-fashioned, harsh and stern, and only ballet in her world. Many people may hate this lady. But if we calm down and think about it, it is precisely because the other people in the film are too beautiful, so in contrast, the talent of Kirova looks so impersonal.


For example, Myra has violated his wife ’s regulations five times and ruined his wife ’s performance. As a supervisor, it ’s normal to fire employees, but unfortunately, it was really difficult to find a job during the war. Harder. Since this is a very old film, we can't verify whether the director is attacking the wife's behavior or objectively describing the character of the wife. This may be the problem left by the director for us. But there is no ambiguity. Although Mrs. Kirowa played very little time, she played a very important role in promoting the plot. Therefore, what kind of person is the wife, or do you judge yourself after watching the movie.


Why are classics can be immortal?

It is very unfair to judge black and white movies with current film technology. But despite the technology lagging behind, this movie is still labeled as classic. This is not nonsense. In the era of black-and-white films, due to limited equipment, most of them are fixed lenses, and there is no dazzling sports scene like Hollywood blockbusters. Therefore, the performance and scheduling of the actors and the plot of the story are very important. The vivid story, the actor's full performance and the right rhythm constitute this love song that can be weeping.


At the end of the article, a warm reminder to all little fairies, the necessary tissues or boyfriend's shoulders for watching movies.