Samsung 2022 Neo QLED Series TVs, Provide personalized experience


Recently, the 2022 Samsung home appliance new product lineup was unveiled. The Neo QLED series of TVs have been newly upgraded. From picture quality, sound effects, design, and interaction, every aspect has been evolved, and TV functions have once again achieved breakthroughs. With comprehensive performance and beautiful design, the 2022 Neo QLED series TVs further consolidate Samsung's leading position in the high-end TV market, allowing users to experience the stunning audio-visual fusion of technology and innovation, frame by frame.

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High-definition picture quality for extraordinary experience​

Whether it's a lazy weekend at home, or a movie night with friends, a powerful TV can always bring a lot of joy to our lives. In order to obtain a more immersive viewing experience, the picture quality is one of the important considerations when purchasing a TV.

Samsung TVs deliver stunning, near-real images to consumers with vibrant colors, clear chiaroscuro and rich details. Carrying powerful display technology, Samsung Neo QLED series TVs will be further optimized and upgraded in 2022, using 14-bit grayscale brightness light control, reaching 16,384 black and white levels. On the basis of last year, it has been increased by 4 times, bringing more precise highlight control and more perfect detail display.

Through the quantum dot matrix technology, the shape adaptive optical path control function is added, which can intelligently improve the light width of Mini LED in real-time. Provides accurate contrast adjustment according to the lines and shapes of different sizes in the picture, making bright areas brighter and the edge of the scene clearer, bringing a strong sense of impact to the color of the picture.

Audio and video tracking creates immersive audio-visual​

In order to achieve truly immersive viewing, the large high-definition screen must also be matched with excellent sound quality. The evolution of Neo QLED in sound effects also includes the upgrade of Q Symphony technology.

The Q-series soundbars compatible with the 2022 Samsung Neo QLED TVs have built-in wireless Dolby Atmos connectivity. You don't need to use cables to connect, as long as the front, side and top-firing speakers of the Samsung sound bar cooperate with the TV speakers to integrate and enhance the sound effect, bringing users a more shocking surround sound, allowing you to stay at home. You can get a cinema-like audio-visual feast.

The Samsung Q series sound bar also has an adaptive sound effect function that can automatically analyze the sound signal and optimize the sound according to different scenes such as news, sports, movies, etc., allowing users to hear the details clearly even when the sound is low.

The Q series sound bar can not only be a tacit partner with Samsung TV, but can also give you a new experience when used independently. When you want to use the speaker to play music, just touch the soundbar speaker with your mobile phone, and it will automatically recognize and connect, giving you a wonderful movement.

Samsung 2022 Neo QLED sound bar.jpg

High-end design enhances space taste​

If the TV in the prime position of the living room can be matched with a unique appearance to increase the beauty of the space, then a unique home atmosphere will also emerge as the times require. The simple and atmospheric appearance can not only show the high-level taste of the owner, but also optimize the viewing experience again.

The 2022 Neo QLED series TVs continue the minimalist aesthetics of Samsung TVs in appearance, adopting an ultra-narrow micro-bezel design to further dilute the boundary between the screen and the outer frame, bringing a wider viewing field of view and a more perfect screen ratio. Some products are also replaced with a new hexagonal metal base and a herringbone pattern decorative back panel, which makes the overall texture more advanced and adds a unique sense of design to the appearance of the TV.

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Interactive functions help smart life​

The 2022 Neo QLED series TV not only optimizes the audio-visual technology, but also upgrades it with a newer and more convenient interactive interface, making the TV an all-round family activity center. Users can quickly access a large number of applications with the help of a new intelligent interface, and enjoy one-stop entertainment, life and learning.

Users can also use Samsung Neo QLED TVs to easily get a large-screen gaming experience. Some products already have a 4K 144Hz refresh rate and HDMI2.1 interface, which can provide the best image quality for games, and the picture is clearer and smoother.

Samsung 2022 Neo QLED smart system.jpg

Facing the ever-changing lifestyles of consumers, Samsung has ensured that its products are suitable for various application scenarios through optimizing the user experience and continuous innovation. The upgraded 2022 Neo QLED series TVs are the best proof. This technological upgrade not only demonstrates Samsung's technological innovation capabilities, but also creates a smarter home experience for users, making a better new life within reach.