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World's first USB-C modified iPhone X auction ended, sold for about $8.6


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Auction for the world's first USB-C-equipped iPhone X ends at a whopping $86,000.

Designed and modified by engineering student Ken Pillonel, this USB-C iPhone X with full data transfer and charging capabilities was unveiled in October of this year. A wealthy buyer at auction paid $86,001 for the device.


In addition to reverse-engineering the C94 connector in Apple's iPhone X, Pinonel had to design and build a circuit board, wire it to test data transfer and charging, and stuff the USB-C port inside the iPhone X. Pinonel eventually auctioned off the modified iPhone X on eBay, where bids quickly soared to more than $85,000.

Pinonel assured that the iPhone X functions properly, but warned buyers not to restore, update or delete the device. In addition, he said buyers should not use a heavily modified iPhone as their primary device, and asked that the iPhone X case not be opened.