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    Laser TV cabinet suitable for audio

    Hey! guys! I want to buy a laser TV cabinet, put speakers on the left and right sides of the TV cabinet, and hide the speakers and projector in the cabinet. This requires the front to be sound-transparent. Is there such a cabinet? Can you recommend something?
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    Epson LS800 Canbinet

    Hey,guys!Do you have any recommendations for Epson LS800 laser TV cabinets? Something like this.
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    Cabinet suggestion

    Hi,guys!I want to buy S PRO for formovie theater and vividstorm, and I want to customize a cabinet for them. I considered a hanger before, so there is no place for the projector to be placed. Do you have any recommendations for affordable cabinets?
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    VIVIDSTORM Motorised Laser TV Cabinet

    Hey guys! I want to buy the S PRO to go with this laser TV cabinet from them. This looks like a cool product. But don't know how it works. Has anyone bought or used this kind of TV cabinet? Or should I buy traditional cabinets instead of automated ones?