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When you're choosing a TV, you may not know what size TV is perfect for your room. Or maybe you already own a TV, but you don't know how far you should sit from it to get a good viewing experience. In fact, for a cinema-quality viewing experience, the TV size and the viewing distance both play a very important role. Of course, size also affects the price of the TV.

But many people don't know how to measure TV size, how to decide what size TV to buy, and what viewing distance to get the perfect picture. Our TV size calculator can help you solve all these problems at once.

How are TV sizes measured?

One of the choices you will definitely face when buying a TV is the size of the TV, but you may ask how big is a 55 inch TV exactly?

In fact, calculating TV size is not that complicated. The TV size refers to its diagonal length, usually expressed in inches, which is the distance from the top left corner of your TV screen to the bottom right corner.

Please note that this size refers to the TV screen dimension, not including its bezel, stand, etc. You need to take these factors into consideration when buying a TV as well.

How big is a 50 inch TV?

Today's TVs are generally in the regular 16:9 aspect ratio, so a 55" TV screen is 47.9″ (121.7 cm) wide and 27.0″ (68.6 cm) high, respectively. Here are the height and width dimensions of common size TVs, you can calculate any TV size with our TV size calculation tool.








438 in2

70.9 cm

39.9 cm

0.283 m2




684 in2

88.6 cm

49.8 cm

0.441 m2




791 in2

95.3 cm

53.6 cm

0.511 m2




1068 in2

110.7 cm

62.2 cm

0.689 m2




1293 in2

121.7 cm

68.6 cm

0.835 m2




1538 in2

132.8 cm

74.7 cm

0.992 m2




1809 in2

144.0 cm

81.0 cm

1.166 m2




2092 in2

154.9 cm

87.1 cm

1.349 m2




2407 in2

166.1 cm

93.5 cm

1.553 m2




2732 in2

177.0 cm

99.6 cm

1.763 m2




3090 in2

188.2 cm

105.9 cm

1.993 m2

What is the proper size TV for viewing distance?

People often ask questions like, how far should I sit from a 55 inch TV? This is a good question, because when you want an immersive experience like in a movie theater, usually the bigger the TV, the closer you sit to it, the better. But in reality, there are many influencing factors that affect our final best viewing distance, besides size, there is resolution, vision, etc. In daily use, we don't just take the TV to watch movies, and much other content may not be suitable to fill your entire field of vision. Therefore, not the larger the screen is necessarily the more ideal. Most TVs these days are 4K resolution, which means greater pixel density, so you can get very close to watching TV.

Our TV size calculator takes into account resolution, TV size, viewing distance, viewing angle, and your daily use in order to give you the most appropriate recommendations.

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers recommends sitting at a distance of at least 30° from the screen in your field of view to get a good experience. THX recommends a 36° to 40° viewing angle for an immersive viewing experience. However, considering the practicality, the smallest view is used for more scenarios. Based on the ideal viewing angle and the aspect ratio of the screen, we were able to arrive at the optimal viewing distance for your TV.

So for a 55-inch TV, the ideal viewing distance should be 2.35 meters.

How to use the TV Size Calculator?

When you're shopping for a TV and still not sure of the best TV size for your room, our calculator can give you the TV size dimensions and the best viewing distance. This way you can make the best decision by the size of your room.

Enter the size of the TV you want to buy or already own in the TV Screen Size box, such as 50, and our TV Size Calculator will automatically calculate the height, width, and best viewing distance of your TV. You can also switch the units from inch to cm to suit your habits.

How to choose a TV size?

There is often no single issue to consider when deciding on the size of a TV. Depending on actual use, please refer to the following suggestions.

1. Room Size

The size of your room determines the maximum viewing distance, so you need to determine the viewing distance in advance according to your room before choosing the size of your TV.

2. Resolution

The best advice is to buy a TV with 4K or higher. If your TV is 1080P or lower resolution, you should avoid choosing a large size. This is because these low-resolution screens will magnify the disadvantages because of the large size.

3. TV Mounting Height

If you choose a wall-mounted TV, you need to consider in advance the best height to install the TV, which will also affect the choice of screen size.

4. Room Aesthetics

Do not just pursue the large size of the TV and ignore the room aesthetics, sometimes a 100-inch TV will affect the harmony of the entire room design. Not to mention the space taken up by TV bezels and stands, etc.

Why TVsBook TV Size Calculator is better?

Both the right TV size and the best TV viewing distance are important factors to get a good viewing experience. That's why you need a calculator that can give you advice. Existing calculators are complicated and inconsistent, making it difficult to solve the problem at once. TVsBook's original TV size calculator gives you simple, quick results. Just enter a number and you'll get the size of your TV and the best viewing distance for you.