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Now, more and more manufacturers are producing wall-mounted flat-panel TVs that are thin enough to be mounted perfectly to the wall. Whether in the bedroom or living room, the TV's theater-like viewing angle provides better conditions for relaxation. Therefore,the best height to mount tv is important to know.

Why TVsBook TV Mounting Height Calculator is better?

Hanging your TV on the wall is aesthetically pleasing and space-saving, but what is the best mounting height for your TV? Using our TV mounting height calculator, you can simply get the best TV height from the floor.

Don't spend too much time on complicated calculations, our calculator already does those for you. Just enter your TV size, and TVsBook's TV Mounting Height Calculator will automatically produce the results. All you need to do is to follow the calculation results to mount your TV on the wall.

What is the ideal height of TV mounted on wall?

In fact, deciding on the best wall height is not as simple as one might think, and requires consideration of the TV size, the viewing distance and your angle of vision.

You can use our TV Size Calculator to determine the size of your TV and the best viewing distance.

When you sit down, your line of sight is level with the center of the TV for the best TV mounting height.

How to use the TV Mounting Height Calculator?

Taking into account the TV size, viewing angle and other factors, our TV Mounting Height Calculator can help you quickly determine the height of your TV installation.

Enter your TV size and the calculator will automatically come up with the TV height, TV mounting height and the total height.

· TV Height: The height of your TV.

· TV Mounting Height: Distance from the bottom of the TV to the ground.

· Total Height: The distance from the top of the TV to the floor. TV Height+TV Mounting Height