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  1. Robert

    COOCAA K6 Series Mini LED TVs: 4K 144Hz

    COOCAA's latest flagship K6 series Mini LED TVs have hit the market, offering impressive features including 4K 144Hz display technology. With three size options available—65, 75, and 85 inches—this series aims to cater to diverse consumer preferences. The K6 series TVs boast a cutting-edge...
  2. XXMAN98

    Skyworth Coocaa K6 TV, What's the feature?

    Skyworth Coocaa K6 TV brings several noteworthy features to the table. Available in 75 and 85-inch sizes, the K6 model boasts impressive specifications aimed at enhancing the viewing and gaming experience. Starting with the display quality, the K6 TV is equipped with dual-core eight-crystal...
  3. Katherine_K

    COOCAA K6 Mini-LED TV Releases

    COOCAA has recently launched its flagship K6 Series Mini-LED TV, featuring 4K 144Hz capabilities and available in two sizes: 75 and 85 inches. According to reports, the series adopts a 720-zone Mini-LED 4K 144Hz variable refresh rate panel, boasting a peak brightness of 2000 nits, a dynamic...
  4. Robert

    Introducing the New Coocaa S3D Max TV Series

    Coocaa has unveiled its latest innovation in the world of television technology with the launch of the S3D Max series. This new series, featuring models in 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches, comes equipped with an array of impressive features that promise to redefine your television viewing...
  5. Amanda Brown

    Upgraded 2023 Coocaa S3D TV: Elevating Home Entertainment

    Coocaa, a renowned name in the realm of television technology, has recently introduced its upgraded 2023 version of the S3D TV series to the Chinese market. This new iteration comes in five sizes: 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 75 inches, with a starting price of 969 yuan...
  6. Radiohead

    Coocaa P53 TV Review, Is it good?

    Coocaa TV has recently launched a new Quantum Dot TV, the Coocaa P53 TV. It focuses on color high picture quality with 102% DCI-P3 wide color gamut. Here is the review. 1. Design Coocaa P53 TV is available in 55, 65, 75 and other sizes, with the popular full-screen design, no front bezel...