1. Emma

    LeTV Super TV S85 Specs, Is it good?

    LeTV Super TV S85, a blockbuster product of LeTV's 10th anniversary, features a star-type partition backlight, 1000nits ultra-high peak brightness, 120Hz MEMC dynamic high brush, 92%DCI-P3 movie grade wide color gamut, 3+32GB storage, and other features. Picture Quality LeTV Super TV S85 has...
  2. Barton7

    LeTV Super TV S85 to be released soon

    LeTV Super TV officially announced the upcoming launch of the S85 TV. LeTV Super TV launched the 85-inch LeTV Super TV uMax85 in 2016. This year is the tenth year of LeTV Super TV, as the pioneer of Internet TV, LeTV has created many industry firsts, and as of now, LeTV has released as many...