monitor vs tv

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    Why can't a TV work as a monitor?

    In 2022, with the launch of the Xbox series Xand PS5, the display products began to upgrade. Since then the TV has also begun to take the route of performance, in order to meet the needs of gamers, TVs from the panel to the interface, there are different degrees of parameter upgrades...
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    Monitor vs TV, Which Should You Choose?

    You’ve got varieties of options when it comes to purchasing a new screen, either a TV or a monitor. You could choose between the latest OLED or LED screen technology and your computer's latest possible graphics card. Or you may go for something more affordable and traditional, like an old CRT...
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    Should I buy a PC monitor or TV for PS4?

    Should I buy a PC monitor or TV for PS4? Before answering this question, you need to determine where you plan to play PS4? If it is to be in the living room, then choose a TV, which may be no less than 32 inches 1080p. If you plan to put it on a table or connect it to a gaming computer, choose a...