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    What are the differences between projection white screen and gray screen

    When choosing a home theater projection screen, some people have such a question: Should you choose a white screen or a gray screen? Some people's first reaction is that a white screen is better, because the colors are more transparent and vivid, which makes the picture clearer. However, due to...
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    How to choose the gain of the projection screen?

    Illustrate: Projection screens are used in movies, offices, home theaters, large conferences and other occasions to display images and video files. Divided into many specifications and sizes. The selection of projection screens in different spaces is also different. For example, when there are...
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    How's Optoma CinemaX P2?

    The Optoma CinemaX P2 perfectly presents a 120-inch projection image with amazing projection quality. Of course, it also has the blessing of a good projection screen.
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    Samsung projection screen?

    Just share~ Stumbled across this photo on Instagram, and the combination of the Samsung projector and the vividstorm projection screen is perfect. The ambient light in the photo is bright, but the projection is still vivid and clear.😮