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  1. LLLisa

    TCL iFFALCON S52 review: Affordable Smart Andriod TV

    TCL and its new iFFALCON brand have launched a new smart TV, the S52, a series of smart Android LED TVs between 32" and 40". How does this affordable TV perform? Let's take a look at the TCL iFFALCON S52 TV review. The main difference between the TCL iFFALCON S52 TV 32-inch and 40-inch models...
  2. BigZ

    TCL FFALCON Peng 6 SE TV 75 inch, Is it good?

    With the development of the TV industry and content industry, more and more users began to be dissatisfied with the existing TV size and began to gravitate to larger TV sizes. Recently there have been some good cost effective large-size options in the TV market, such as the 75-inch version of...