tcl mini led tv

  1. OldCooper

    TCL C12G Mini LED TV to be released soon

    According to TCL, the new C12G Lingxi TV is coming soon, with the Lingyao chip M2. In terms of parameters, the new C12G Lingxi TV equipped with the obsidian chip M2 is a quad-core A73 architecture, and the GPU is G52 MC1. In addition, the TV will feature Enbridge 2.2.2 Hi-Fi sound. The TCL...
  2. S

    Total shipments of Mini LED-backlit LCD TVs lower than expected

    Total shipments of Mini LED backlit LCD TVs are expected to be 3 million units in 2022, lower than Omdia's previous forecast. Omdia has also revised down its shipment forecast for 2023. Declining demand in the high-end TV segment is the main reason for the downward revision. Another key factor...