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    TCL P635 vs TCL P638: what's different?

    TCL has launched a downgraded version of the P635 series and the TCL P638 series, and many people are wondering if there are any differences between TCL P635 and P638. Actually, they are the same series, and the difference between them being the color of the TV and the available sizes. TCL P635...
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    What's the difference between TCL P735 and P635

    From the TCL web, TCL P735 and P635 are almost the same in appearance, is there any difference? TCL P735: TCL P635:
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    TCL P635 TV Specs Review, Value for Money

    TCL has always been popular for offering inexpensive and cost-effective TVs. the TCL P series TVs are one of the best choices for those on a budget. the P635 is a new value-for-money TV for 2022, so let's take a look at the TCL P635 specs review. TCL P635 TV Review Appearance The TCL P635 TV...