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  1. Robert

    Redmi A50 2024 Edition: Unveiling Xiaomi's 4K Metal Full-Screen TV

    Xiaomi's Redmi A50 2024 Edition has made its debut on various e-commerce platforms, marking the sixth model in the Redmi A series lineup for the year. Prior to this release, the Redmi A series already introduced the 2024 Edition in sizes ranging from 32 inches to 70 inches. The hallmark of the...
  2. Barton7

    Redmi X 85-inch Smart TV New Released, What's the features?

    The Redmi X 85-inch Smart TV, a product of Redmi, is available for pre-order today on the Chinese e-commerce platform JD. The Redmi X 85-inch Smart TV features an 85-inch 4K screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and MEMC technology, effectively reducing jitter, ghosting, and tearing of high-speed...
  3. I

    Redmi X 85 inch 4K Smart TV, How is it?

    The Redmi X 85-inch smart TV is equipped with a large 85-inch 4K screen, supports a 120Hz refresh rate, and is supplemented by MEMC technology. It can effectively reduce the jitter, smear and tearing of high-speed moving pictures, making the picture display clearer and smoother. The new Redmi...
  4. XXMAN98

    Redmi Smart Fire TV Goes On Sale in India, Is it good?

    Redmi has launched a new TV in India, the Redmi Smart Fire TV. The TV is only available in a 32-inch version, priced at $170, and will go on sale on March 21. The Redmi Smart Fire TV features a 32-inch LED LCD panel with HD+ (1366 x 768 pixels) resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. And the...
  5. T

    Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV A75 2022 Review

    Today, the Redmi Smart TV A75 2022 model, now on shelves, debuts at 3,399yuan (about $512) and will go on sale on May 5 in China. 1. Picture Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV A75 2022 features a full metal screen design with a Unibody metal body, and a 75-inch screen with a 97.8% screen-to-body ratio...