xiaomi tv s series

  1. XXMAN98

    Xiaomi TV S Series New Release,144Hz High Refresh Rate

    On March 22, the new Xiaomi TV S series opened for pre-sale. Xiaomi TV S series focuses on a 144Hz high refresh rate, with 2 sizes 65 inches and 75 inches. Xiaomi TV S series with 4K 144Hz screen + 144Hz VRR variable refresh rate + 144Hz HDMI 2.1 signal transmission, while equipped with 120Hz...
  2. XXMAN98

    Xiaomi TV S Series To Be Released on March 22

    Xiaomi officially announced today that the new Xiaomi TV S series would be formally launched on Wednesday, March 22, which allows for a high refresh rate of 144Hz without giving up clarity. It is understood that the Xiaomi TV S series will be equipped with MediaTek MT9653 chip, a 4K powerful...