Are y’all running sealed or ported subs?


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Hey y’all, so I’ve been running a 5.1 Hsu system with a VTF-2 Mk 5. When I first got it, I set it up with one port open and it’s been great.

I’ve been doing a lot of music listening recently so I decided to experiment with running my sub sealed since I’ve heard it’s better for music. I covered it up and re-ran Audessey. The bass was definitely tighter and less boomy. I was using Watch the Throne to test since it’s a pretty bassy album. Gotta Have It definitely sounded better when I ran it sealed since the ported sub just sounded… messier? Not sure what the proper terminology is.

I usually use the first minute or so of Dune to test out any changes I make to my sub and I definitely did not like how it sounded in sealed mode haha. It felt a lot more anemic and not what I’ve come to expect from my sub. When I ran Audessey, my receiver put the sub at -2.5 dB so it seems to be at the correct volume level, but I wonder if I need to run it hotter than I would if I ran it ported.

I care more about movie watching so I’ll leave it in ported mode for now. Thankfully I didn’t have to play around with the sub volume, so I can switch to sealed mode by taking out the plug and switching to the second preset on my receiver.

I assume most people here are running ported, but is anyone here running sealed? Or even prefer it?