Digital TV, IPTV, Internet TV, and smart TV: What is the difference?


Digital TV, IPTV, Internet TV, smart TV...what is the difference between them?

1. Digital TV​

Digital TV refers to a TV system that fully adopts digital signals in the links of acquisition and editing, broadcasting, transmission, and reception, as opposed to analog TV. The digital TV system can send a variety of services, such as high-definition TV, standard-definition TV, smart TV, and digital services.
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2. IPTV: Internet Protocol Television​

Internet Protocol Television, abbreviated IPTV, is a type of broadband television. IPTV is a system that uses a broadband network as a medium to send television information, and transmits broadcast programs to subscribers through the Internet protocol over broadband digital television services. Due to the need to use the Internet, IPTV service providers often provide related services such as connecting to the Internet and IP phones, which can also be called "Triple Play".

IPTV is a type of digital TV. Therefore, ordinary TV sets need to cooperate with corresponding set-top boxes to receive channels. Therefore, suppliers usually provide customers with on-demand video services at the same time.

3. Internet TV​

Internet TV, also known as OTT (Over The Top) TV, refers to a video service model that uses the Internet to carry video transmission services and receives through devices such as set-top boxes. It uses the Internet, communications and other means to provide families with a variety of interactive services, including digital TV.

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4. Smart TV​

Smart TV, also known as Connected TV or Hybrid TV, is a TV set or digital video switch box (Set-top Box) that joins the Internet and Web 2.0 functions. Smart TVs can run a complete operating system or mobile operating system, and provide a software platform that can be used by software developers to develop their own software to run on smart TVs.


Smart TV has a fully open platform, users can install and uninstall all kinds of application software by themselves while enjoying ordinary TV content. It is recommended to install Dangbei Store, with many software and fast download speed. Smart TVs can continue to provide users with a rich and personalized experience that is different from cable digital TV receivers (set-top boxes).