How to choose a smart speaker?


Since the advent of the first Amazon Echo smart speaker with its smart assistant Alexa, tech giants such as Google and Apple have also tried to enter the smart speaker market. Now you can easily listen to music, search the Internet, operate compatible home appliances, shop online, and more simply by speaking into your smart speaker. Let's take a look at how to choose speaker settings.

What is a smart speaker?​

A smart speaker is a speaker equipped with artificial intelligence capable of recognizing speech, such as Google's "Google Assistant" and Amazon's "Alexa". You can do many things with a simple conversation, such as listening to music, checking the weather and news, ordering products, and controlling home appliances.
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What can smart speakers do?​

Smart Voice Assistant​

The intelligent voice assistant function allows you to search the Internet, operate the adapted home appliances, take notes and manage daily schedules by voice. When you ask questions like "What's the weather like today?" and "What's the news today?" the intelligent voice assistant can give you the answer you want right away.

In addition to the above functions, the voice assistant of the smart speaker can also understand the user's preferences and adaptively optimize it into a unique product that is exclusive to you.
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Play Music​

A smart speaker is first and foremost a speaker, and by using the Internet and voice operations, the music playback function becomes more convenient. For example, if you say "play classical music", you can search for a suitable playlist from a registered music distribution service and play it, or play it according to your preferences
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IoT home appliance control​

"IoT" is an acronym for Internet of Things, which refers to Internet-enabled items. Using IoT-compatible smart speakers, IoT-enabled home appliances can be controlled by voice. You can change the TV channel and volume without using the remote control, and turn on the lights with only sound when your hands are occupied, making life more convenient and fun.

Read News & Articles​

In addition to playing news delivered via podcasts, the smart speaker has the ability to read news articles from the web via speech synthesis. You can listen to news or articles while doing chores and getting dressed, which is very useful on busy mornings.

How to choose a smart speaker?​

Choose smart speakers based on installed AI assistants​

Google AI Assistant​

Google AI Assistant can be used with other Google services. This AI is for users who are used to using Google Calendar and Google Maps. The search function is the same as that of an ordinary PC, and the information is highly accurate. In addition, the voice recognition performance is high, and the voice of each family member can be accurately received and answered. Recommended when you want to share a smart speaker with your family.
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Amazon Alexa​

The good thing about Alexa is that it can be linked with Amazon Prime. As an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy the rich content of Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music. Plus, you can customize it to your liking with extensions developed by other companies. You can easily check news, cooking recipes, traffic information and more.
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Apple Siri​

Since the release of the iPhone 4s, Siri has become a voice assistant with a large number of users with the sales of the iPhone. Like other voice assistants, Siri can provide people with services such as news headlines, weather, lighting control, and some home appliance control.

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In addition to the above voice assistants, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby, AliGenie, Xiaomi Xiaoai, etc. are also common intelligent voice assistants, with roughly the same functions but with their own characteristics.

Choose smart speakers by function​

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Streaming Services​

If you want to use the music function on your smart speaker, you must use a type that supports streaming services. For example, Google Assistant is compatible with Spotify/Google Play Music, and Amazon Alexa is compatible with Amazon Prime Music/Amazon Music Unlimited.

Voice Recognition​

Basically, smart speakers are all operated by voice. Therefore, it is very important to have a high speech recognition capability and to be able to read speech aloud as naturally as possible. Both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have high speech recognition capabilities.


In addition, you can also choose whether you need smart home control or online shopping functions as needed. For example, Xiaomi's extensive smart product line has some advantages for users who have Xiaomi smart products.