How to choose a superior high-end TV? How about Huawei smart screen X65?

Nowadays, although the time of watching TV is less and less, as a family product, TV is always an indispensable household appliance. You are still wondering how to choose a high-end TV with excellent picture quality and outstanding experience. Focusing on picture quality, OLED TV is the first choice.

OLED TV is the most promising display technology due to its self illumination, high contrast, fast response and wide viewing angle. Unlike liquid crystal, OLED eliminates backlight, and each pixel can realize self illumination and light control after power on. In the dark scene, OLED can be very pure black, and in the dark background, the performance of various colors is more real and full. OLED is the only self illumination technology that has landed in the consumer market. OLED's response speed is far faster than LCD's, and the motion picture can be very smooth and clear, which is also a technical advantage that OLED can't surpass to distinguish LCD TV.

LCD TV can't completely block the light of backlight, so the phenomenon of light leakage or halo is inevitable, especially in cheap LCD TV. No matter what kind of means or technology LCD screen adopts, it can't eliminate the phenomenon of blur and tailing fundamentally.

Huawei smart screen X65

Taking Huawei smart screen X65 as an example, it adopts a new generation of 65 inch 4K OLED screen, which has excellent HDR peak brightness performance (HDR peak brightness: 1000nit) and wide color gamut coverage (DCI P3: 98%), combined with 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms ultra-low response time, it can bring excellent image quality performance.

Huawei smart screen X65 is equipped with Honghu flagship chip developed by Huawei Hisilicon. The chip is customized for OLED, equipped with Honghu AI image quality engine, and customized with special image quality optimization algorithm for OLED screen display advantages. With powerful driving force and 6G ram + 128G ROM, the performance is upgraded again, running smoothly and freely.

Huawei smart screen X65

The Huawei smart screen X65 supports the hdr10 + HLG dual HDR standard, and supports the whole process processing of HDR video from HDR decoding to tone mapping, color mapping and local dimming. Provide better contrast mapping and color gamut mapping, reflect the details of the light and dark parts of the screen, and have a more on-the-spot feeling when watching the movie. What you see is amazing.

The Huawei smart screen X65 supports the MEMC (motion estimation and motion compensation) technology, estimates the object's motion trajectory through hardware algorithm, inserts a new motion compensation frame into the original picture sequence, and makes the moving picture more clear and smooth without dragging.

Huawei's smart screen X65 also supports the original color mode of the movie. It introduces automatic mode setting and manual mode parameter setting respectively for ordinary consumers and professionals.

Huawei smart screen X65

Huawei's smart screen X65 is the world's first large screen device that has passed the TV Rheinland eye comfort certification in Germany. The certification is completely consistent with the full care display certification requirements in the field of mobile phones and tablet computers. It only distinguishes the certification names for large and small screen devices.

The advantages of a TV are often determined by some specific technologies or parts, and only the manufacturers who master the core technology have the opportunity to lead the industry and even influence the development process of the industry, OLED TV has a congenital advantage. Now people pay more attention to the deeper experience brought by the products, and the price is not the only standard for selection.


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