How to connect Roku to TV with cable box?


How to connect Roku to TV with cable box?

Most TVs will have multiple inputs. Your set-top box uses only one (1) of them, so you can plug Roku into different inputs, and then use the TV remote control to switch between the input sources as needed.

1. If your TV has an additional free HDMI port, use it for Roku.

2. If your cable box is connected to the only available HDMI port on the TV, you can change it to the Y/Pb/Pr+RCA/optical audio interface of the cable box, and then use the HDMI cable for the cable box. Library.

It is true that HDMI should be better than Y/Pb/Pr under all the same conditions, but you need to use an instrument to distinguish. In addition, your cable box may have several different output interface options, while Roku only uses HDMI.