Konka A8 and A8 Pro Mini AI-LED TV Review


Konka has unveiled the A8 and A8 Pro Mini AI-LED TVs, promising cutting-edge features and immersive viewing experiences. Let's delve into the details review of these TVs:

The Konka AI ERA Human Sensing Image Model offers real-time self-adjustment capabilities, including AI frame-by-frame image enhancement, AI super-resolution enhancement, dynamic contrast enhancement, and more.

Moreover, these TVs come equipped with millimeter-wave radar and light sensors, enabling them to perceive user spatial positions and ambient light conditions for AI-adaptive optimization of audio and visual quality.

Konka A8 TV

The AI ERA Voice Model, deployed in the cloud with over a trillion parameters, supports open-ended questions and scenario-based thought chains, enhancing the user experience.

Additionally, Konka A8 TVs support air mouse control functionality for added convenience.

The 75-inch A8 TV boasts 1152 zones, while the 85-inch version features 1440 zones, delivering exceptional contrast with XDR brightness of up to 2000 nits and Dolby Vision support.

Featuring QD quantum dot technology, these TVs cover 157% of the BT.709 color gamut. Their pinnacle black titanium screens boast a 14.9% increase in light penetration and a 44% reduction in heat and light leakage.

The Konka A8 TV also features the HiFi SoundBar Ultra audio system, comprising 5 channels and 10 sound units, with a total output of 94W.

Notably, in addition to three HDMI 2.1 ports, the Konka A8 TV offers a Type-C interface, supporting direct connection with devices like the Switch gaming console.

In conclusion, the Konka A8 and A8 Pro Mini AI-LED TVs redefine the home entertainment experience with their advanced features and impressive specifications.


Konka isn't a brand I see too often, but this Mini-LED TV review is interesting, especially for the price point. How does the picture quality of the Konka A8/A8 Pro stack up against bigger brands like Samsung or Sony?