Projector in Bedroom Reviews and Recommendations


The projector in bedroom does not require very high brightness, so there are many choices that the price ranging from 300$-1000$. Here are a few more cost-effective projectors.

High-cost performance projector reviews and recommendations for bedroom

1.Budget about 300$: Dangbei D1

This Dangbei D1 is the most cost-effective one in this budget class. It has 750 ANSI lumens and 720P resolution. Equipped with 16GB of storage memory, it uses a 0.3DMD display chip, and supports HDR10 decoding and side heads. Moreover, it has many features such as freely restrict background processes, remote control retrieval, desktop DIY, remote control right side key and other personalized functions.

Disadvantage: its running memory is slightly lower, only 1GB.

Dangbei D1 projector.jpg

If you only occasionally watch a movie in your bedroom, this Dangbei D1 projector in bedroom can meet your basic needs, and the price is not expensive, it is highly recommended!

2.Budget about 450$: Dangbei D3X

Dangbei D3X

Dangbei D3X is the most cost-effective projector in this budge class. It not only has 1050 ANSI lumens, 1080P resolution, 0.33DMD display chip, and Mstar 6A848 processor, equipped with 3GB+16GB memory. It also supports basic functions such as fully automatic focus + fully automatic keystone correction + intelligent AI voice + HDR10 decoding + motion compensation function + viper sound effect, and it also has many personalized functions such as freely restricting background processes, remote control retrieval, free viewing, Desktop DIY, right buttons remote control, etc.

Disadvantages: Not a real 1080P resolution.
dangbei d3x projector.jpg

The lumen of this product is higher, and the brightness experience will be better. If you pursue a better watching experience, this is a good choice for the projector in bedroom.

3. Budget about 600$: XGIMI New Z8X

As an upgraded version of XGIMI Z8X, XGIMI NewZ8X mainly added fully automatic focusing and fully automatic keystone correction, and replaced the original GMUI system with a more intelligent INUI system. In other hardware configurations, it still maintains 1200 ANSI lumens, 1080P resolution, and is equipped with Mstar 6A848 processor and with 2GB+16GB memory, and built-in Harman Kardon audio.

Disadvantages: not real 1080P resolution.
XGIMI NewZ8X.png

Compared with the basic projector, XGIMI NewZ8X has more intelligent functions, and its experience is much better. It is a really awesome projector in bedroom.

4.Budget about 750$: Dangbei F3

Dangbei F3

Dangbei projector has always been known for its powerful hardware configuration, especially Dangbei F3. It not only has 2050 ANSI lumens, 1080P resolution. Equipped with Mstar 6A938 processor and 4GB+64GB large memory, it supports automatic focus + automatic keystone correction + far-field voice + HDR10 decoding + motion compensation, etc. It also has many personalized functions. It is worth mentioning that all Dangbei projectors support voice download software.

Disadvantages: The keystone correction is not accurate enough and can be fine-tuned manually.
Dangbei F3.jpg.png

Dangbei F3 is a very popular projector with a good reputation in hardware. If you want higher hardware performance requirements, you can choose this projector to install in your bedroom.


This is the flagship product newly launched after JMGO J9. Compared with J9, J10 has many improvements. The brightness has broken through to 2400 ANSI lumens, 1080P resolution. Equipped with a brand-new MTK MT9669 processor and 3GB + 16GB memory, it supports automatic focus + automatic keystone correction function + far-field voice + HDR10 decoding + motion compensation, etc. and it also has HDMI low-latency input technology, which can greatly enhance the game player's operating experience.

Disadvantages: The price is slightly higher, and I think the overall picture is a little greenish.

JMGO J10 projector.jpg.png

If you are a game fan and want to enjoy the big screen while playing games in the bedroom, you can choose this projector for bedroom!

5.Budget about 1000$: Formovie R1, Dangbei X

Formovie R1

Formovie R1 is a laser projector that uses a laser light source with a brightness of 1600 ANSI lumens and better color performance. In addition, it is also an ultra-short-throw projector with a projection ratio of 0.33:1, and a 150-inch picture can be projected at a distance of 1 meter. Compared with a telephoto projector, the installation position is better and diversified.

Formovie R1 projector.png

In addition, it is also equipped with an MT9669 processor and a 3GB+16GB memory combination. It supports far-field voice, motion compensation, HDMI low latency and other functions. At the same time, it can also be connected to Xiaomi smart home.

Dangbei X3

The biggest advantage of the Dangbei X3 laser projector is that it uses a laser light source and has a brightness of 3200 ANSI so it can also have a good picture quality in a brighter environment. At the same time, Dangbei X3 uses the more prominent MTK9669 processor and is equipped with a 3GB+64GB memory combination, which is only 1GB less running memory compared to Dangbei F3.

Dangbei X3 projector.jpg

In addition, Dangbei X3 also has functions such as motion compensation, far-field voice, fast power-on, remote control retrieval, and right side buttons of the remote control. It also adds HDMI low-latency technology, automatic screen obstacle avoidance, and automatic screen entry functions.

Both of the above are laser projectors, which is also the trend of future projector research and development, and the performance experience in all aspects is wonderful. If your budget is sufficient, you might as well choose a better projector for your bedroom!

The above are all the products of the projector in bedroom I recommend, I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If there are other better product recommendations, please leave a comment below!
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