Smart home door bell recorings


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Good afternoon!

I recently took ownership of a newly constructed house which came with an IQ Smart Panel, several home automation devices, as well as a Door bell camera (Model ADC-VDB750) which is controlled through their alarm(dot)com app VidMate .

However, since I turned down their three year security contract for 82$ a month, I've been told that it's "impossible" to record futage from the door bell or have any sort of automation through it. I did some research and all the devices installed are basic Z-wave home automation devices and nothing proprietary (apart from their IQ panel software).

Does anyone know of a way I can record the footage from this device to say a NAS or computer on the local LAN? Is it possible to setup motion detection to trigger recordings? I have a Ring device from my old home and hoping to get something similar setup and it seems silly that such settings are locked behind a paywall...

Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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Check to see if the doorbell camera supports some form of local storage, such as an SD card. Some models allow you to record directly to built-in storage that can be accessed over a network.


Smart doorbells are convenient, but I worry about all that video footage being stored online. Can these recordings be hacked? What are the privacy policies of the doorbell companies?