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sony SONY X90J Review, good TV for game


SONY X90J TV is hot now many gamers also need a good TV to work with their consoles. Let's see the SONY X90J review.

1. Appearance

Compared to the previous generation, the X90J looks more minimalist, especially in the border treatment, which has been upgraded again. The X90J's extremely narrow bezels further enhance the immersion of viewing, allowing users to focus on the content on the screen. Although it hasn't completely eliminated borders, it has made a strong visual improvement.


The base of the X90J follows the traditional triangular style, and the height of the lift is suitable for some conventional equipment, such as a TV box, echo wall, etc., which will not block the view. At the same time, X90J also uses a very simple and convenient design, in the installation of the base does not need screws, direct insert in the base, so that the installation process is easier.


In terms of appearance, the biggest change is the design of the back. The X90J does not use the metal drawing process of the previous generation, opting for the same "square" design language as previous flagships such as the A9G. The "X" in the middle, echoing the XR cognitive chip it carries, is rather distinctive. However, this square backboard does not have the function of shading lines.


Although the backplane doesn't cover the wires, the X90J comes with a bundle for wire arrangement. The buncher can be fixed to a base with a TV, and the cable bundle in a fixed space, back and down along the bracket, can be said to be quite a clever design.



2. Better chip

One of the biggest changes to the X90J from its predecessor is the aforementioned all-new XR cognitive chip. The human eye will unconsciously focus on some focal points, and XR cognitive chip, while optimizing the picture globally, can further optimize for these focal points.

By imitating the same working mode of the human brain, different information can be obtained from multiple dimensions and channels, and then comprehensively processed and calculated, the final picture and sound will be more similar to the audio-visual experience seen by human eyes and heard by ears. Simply put, the XR cognitive chip makes the picture and sounds more realistic and more natural.


New XR display technology Pro not only has a wider range of color but also through cross-analysis, shows the small difference on the color so that the picture is closer to the color in reality.






3. Good choice for game

The X90J is a natural fit for next-generation consoles, first of all, because it comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports, which support 4K/ 120Hz gaming experience and bring out the full capabilities of next-generation consoles. As for eARC, USB, video input, digital audio output, and other conventional ports in the X90J are also equipped.


Not only that, but the X90J also has excellent native interactivity with the PS5, which can wake up both the console and the TV when connected using the PS5 gamepad. When turned on, the TV switches to the PS5's video source and automatically switches to game mode. This mode was created by SONY specifically for players and can be turned on and off depending on the game while reducing the INPUT latency of the TV to improve the feel of the operation.

The following pictures are taken on real computer screen, and the image mode is "game mode".