TCL's World's First 65" 8K Flexible Printed Folding OLED TV


On May 23, SID2023 International Display Week opened in Los Angeles, U.S.A. TCL Huaxing brought six core products to showcase its high-end display products and technologies in all aspects.

It is reported that TCL Huaxing brings full-size, full-category and full-form exhibits at this year's SID exhibition, covering more than 30 cutting-edge display exhibits in the fields of printed OLED, MLED, VR, medical, automotive, IT, light field display, consumer products, OLED cell phones, commercial display and TV.

TCL world's first OLED flexible display.jpg
Among them, the world's first 65" 8K flexible printed folding OLED TV as the largest size, highest resolution, high refresh rate flexible OLED folding screen based on printed OLED technology development, overcome the technical difficulties of large size flexible display peeling, can achieve super strong external folding, bending radius R<25mm, bending life of up to 100,000 times, to achieve the effect that TV can also be stored at any time.

In addition, TCL Huaxing also launched the world's first 57" R1000 high-end gaming curved screen, the world's first mass-produced 1512PPI Mini LED VR display, 1512PPI LTPO-VR REALRGB fast-LCD, 47.5" curved through one display, the world's first OLED flexible display with an extremely narrow bezel.