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Togic WEBOX releases LCD projector, breaking through the disadvantages of traditional LCD technology


Recently, Togic WEBOX released a new LCD projector, which costs 1599 yuan but has 3000-4000 yuan of color, brightness and resolution. It can be said that it is cost-effective, how does it do it? After all, the projector is not a new industry, the technology is relatively mature, why Togic WEBOX T1 projector can reach such high standard. Let's check it out.

Here's a image comparison between the Togic WEBOX T1 projector and XGIMI Z6X(3099 yuan) projector:

Togic WEBOX T1 projector


XGIMI Z6X projector


As you can see from the image above, the resolution and brightness are pretty much the same, but even the Togic WEBOX's LCD image is a little more comfortable when it comes to color.

1. What are the problems of traditional LCD projectors?

As many media have said, the mainstream of the projector market in recent years is in DLP projection, because in the past, LCD projectors in our traditional classrooms and offices on the one hand did not have intelligent TV system, on the other hand, there are heat dissipation problems, so the whole LCD projection market is open light machine which is not durable, and easy to get into the dust.

But LCD imaging has been around the world for decades, and until now many of Apple's models have used LCD screens. Because it has the advantages of very high-cost performance, good definition and high color reduction.

2. What's so great about Togic WEBOX T1's new LCD projector?

Togic WEBOX T1 projector can achieve such a strong configuration and cost performance, which is due to the innovation and breakthrough of LCD imaging technology. It adopts the new metal closed light machine, the metal light machine helps the strong exchange heat dissipation, and will not enter the dust, also will not exist problems like the lens is not durable, discoloration.

In order to strengthen the heat dissipation ability, polymer liquid cold coating material is also added inside the optical machine.

Togic WEBOX T1 projector adopts a fully transparent coated glass lens, brightness, color reduction increased by 30%. The life and durability of the overall optical machine is increased to 5-10 years, which is equal to the life of the general DLP projection.