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What’s NATIVE Tri-color Tech in JMGO U2 Projector?



What does this native tri-color mean? What's the highlights?


Now both projectors and TV appear tri-color products, and the prices are quite high.

Throughout the projection market light source technology development path, from halogen lamp upgrade to ultrahigh-pressure mercury lamp, in order to enhance the color, the use of more color wheel technology; and then from a single-color LED light source to better color tri-color LED light source, and from a single-color laser to dual-color laser, until now the tri-color laser, it has reached the color limit of the projection product light source.


From the display effect, the tricolor laser display uses red, green and blue laser light source, the product completely removes the phosphor wheel, RGB three colors completely rely on the three colors of laser issued, can accurately display a variety of hues, almost 100% to meet the BT.2020 standard. Compared with monochrome laser + phosphor and two-color laser + phosphor color gamut space will be elevated to a higher level. Therefore, tri-color laser display technology is recognized as one of the best technical routes in the industry, regardless of color gamut, brightness and picture saturation.

JMGO U2 Tri-color technology

Dissimilar to other compromised arrangements that actually need to depend on the expansion of the Phosphor Wheel part before the light source to project pictures, U2 can straightforwardly project a local tri-shading laser source, without the deficiency of tones. In this manner U2 could deliver 114% of the rec.2020, surpassing the BT.2020 standard by 14%, and the IMAX standard by 159%.