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What are RAM and ROM in projectors? What're their functions?

Many users may be confused about RAM and ROM in projectors when choosing the projectors. So What are RAM and ROM in projectors? What are their functions?

1. Operation and storage of the projector

The full name of Random Access Memory, abbreviated as RAM. The function of the projector operation is to provide temporary data storage space for the operating system and running programs of the intelligent projector. The size of the operation is very important for the intelligent projector. The larger the operation is, the more programs can be run in the background, and the faster the program can be run. Therefore, when purchasing an intelligent projector, we must pay attention to the storage size.

2. The memory of the projector

Read-Only Memory, ROM, and its function is the same as a hard disk, responsible for storing and preserving data. How many APPS can be installed on the projector and how many pictures and videos can be stored depends on the memory size of the projector. So the size of memory is also a concern when choosing a projection. Too little memory will make you have to worry about how much memory you have when installing programs, while a large memory projector will allow you to install whatever programs you like.