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What Is The Difference between Laser Projectors and Lamp Projectors?


Laser projectors have been a big hit in the projection market in recent years, with major brands competing to develop laser projectors for different market segments. However, most consumers may encounter some confusion in the purchase process, that is, what is the difference between laser projectors and traditional projectors (lamp projectors)? Let’s take a look at it today.

1. Type of Light Source

The biggest difference between laser projectors and lamp projectors is that most ordinary projectors use ultra-high pressure pump bulbs, which have a lamp life of 5,000 hours, about 2 years of use.

While laser projectors use a solid-state laser as the light source. Although the laser is very bright, it belongs to the cold light source. It generates very little heat during use, so the life of the projected light source can reach more than 20,000 hours, that is, at least 8 years of use.


2. Stability of Light Source

Once the bulb of a traditional projector reaches the end of its life, there will be some degree of light source failure, contrast reduction, etc. At this point, you either have to replace the bulb or change the projector, and the cost of maintenance is large. At the same time, the laser light source has the characteristics of low exhaustion and high stability. Moreover, the laser projector uses a closed optical machine to reduce the impact of dust on the life of the optical machine and the picture effect.


3. Resistance to ambient light

Ordinary projectors require a certain projection distance, and most use the diffuse reflection principle to avoid direct reflection of the projected glare, so the resistance to ambient light is relatively weak.

The laser projector is a direct reflection of the light from the laser host into the eyes of the audience, plus the projection distance needed is small, so it has better light resistance performance.


So Laser Projectors VS. Lamp Projectors, which one is better? How should we choose?

My advice is to choose according to your needs:

Lamp Projectors☑️

1. Smaller budget.

2. Less frequent use (less than three times a week, less than 2 hours each time).

3. Not high requirements for the picture effect, to meet the normal use at home.

Laser Projectors☑️

1. Adequate budget, hope that a budget to solve long-term problems, do not want to spend later maintenance costs, consumables costs.

2. High frequency of use, need long time uninterrupted use.

3. Requirements for accurate color and better picture effect.


📽️In a word,
there are major differences between laser projectors and ordinary projectors, but both have their own advantages. Due to the higher price of laser projectors, if you have an adequate budget, use the projector more frequently, and need better color and picture effects, laser projectors are a good choice for you and your family.