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Cloud TV APP

Cloud TV APP 1.6.7

The latest version of Cloud TV is specially designed for televisions, so it can be compatible with various models of TVs and TV set-top boxes. The software has a clean and simple interface, and its functions are also very powerful. It covers a wide range of content including anime, variety shows, domestic animation, movies, documentaries, TV dramas, food, classes, children's programs, e-sports, fitness, gaming, knowledge, music, dance, and more. Users can also manage their viewing preferences by partition, making it more convenient to watch. The viewing experience is also very good, as users can adjust the playback speed and video quality to enjoy high-quality video viewing.

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Highlights of the software:

  1. Anime Zone: A colorful section featuring various anime reviews, MMD animations, MAD, and independent animated short films.
  2. Anime Section: Provides the fastest, latest, and most comprehensive domestic and foreign animations, with high-definition quality and smooth buffering, making it the preferred choice for anime enthusiasts to follow and watch.
  3. Music Zone: Integrates original, cover, Vtuber, and instrumental music categories.
  4. Dance Zone: Gathers excellent dance works from various countries, and is also the largest gathering place for dance enthusiasts in China.
  5. Gaming Zone: Brings together various styles of gaming content creators, offering a rich variety of gaming videos, cheats, and highlights.
  6. Technology Zone: Explore cutting-edge technology across various fields, and delve into different levels of scientific popularization, serving as a gathering place for tech enthusiasts.
  7. Lifestyle Zone: Collects various sports routines, funny antics, and interesting pet content, with appearances from various handcrafting, drawing, and cooking experts.
  8. Bizarre Zone: Features bizarre videos from both the real and virtual worlds, filling your imagination with endless possibilities and unstoppable energy.
  9. Fashion Zone: Connects closely with fashion, focusing on different styles of makeup and clothing, and providing a glimpse into international trends and information.
  10. Entertainment Zone: Based on excellent variety shows, supplemented by related clips of various celebrities, creating an extremely attractive entertainment section.
  11. Film and TV Zone: Gathers popular movies and TV series, as well as the most vibrant film and TV show editing and review platform in China.
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