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Deezer Music for Android TV

Deezer Music for Android TV 3.0.0

Love music? Play and listen to top hits on the radio or discover new music with the Deezer player on your Android TV. Access the best music, listen to your favorite live tracks and more when you turn your TV into a jukebox. Wanting to discover new music? Browse Channels with your remote or listen to Deezer Flow.
- Access millions of songs
- Flow - the ultimate music experience
- Play Songs, Artists, Radio Hits and Audio Channels
- Listen to playlists created by our top music editors

smart login
Sync your Deezer account to your TV app by entering a 4-digit OR code or scanning the QR code displayed on your TV.

Play songs with voice command
Search for music from the Android TV homepage or the Deezer TV app by speaking to your remote.

Customize your Flow
Flow is the best way to combine your music, helping you discover songs, themes and radio hits based on the ones you love. Choose your most loved songs from a list and let's create a soundtrack musically tuned to your sounds.

Play Channels
Search and play new sounds by song, artist, album, Channel or radio station, specifying genre or country. Enjoy your most beloved music hits, whenever and wherever you are!

Deezer Premium
• Skip an unlimited number of tracks
• Listen to music offline on your cell phone
• Immerse yourself in your music uninterrupted and ad-free
• Upgrade to better sound quality on your phone to enjoy the best beats
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