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  1. Barend Ray

    Panasonic MZ2000 TV Review, 2023 New OLED TV

    This article will show you the Panasonice MZ2000 TV review. Panasonic MZ2000 TV Review: Release Date and Price In addition to Samsung and LG, Panasonic also announced its new OLED TV MZ2000 at CES 2023. the new OLED panel produces a brighter picture and offers superior color that will...
  2. G

    Panasonic MZW2004 2023 OLED TV review, is it good?

    Panasonic unveiled its new MZW2004 OLED TV (aka MZ2000) at CES 2023, the company's 2023 high-end TV that offers screen thermal management, increased brightness, enhanced visuals, and improved sound and gaming experience. Panasonic MZW2004 Available Sizes The Panasonic MZW2004 TV is available in...