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    Compatibility Question: Formovie X5 Projector and VIVIDSTORM ALR Screen

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased the Formovie X5 projector and I'm in the process of setting up my home theater. I've been researching projector screens and came across the VIVIDSTORM ALR Screen, which seems to have some impressive features. However, I couldn't find specific information about...
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    Top Lenticular CLR Fixed Frame Screens-Nothing Projector CLR

    The Hook Up Recommend (y) (y) Top Lenticular CLR Fixed Frame Screens (Best Value) Nothing Projector CLR Nothing Projector AliExpress Great Comparison Nothing Projector Black Series Screen for UST Projectors Model: Pet Crystal Ratio: 16:9 / 4:3 / Customized Ambient Light Rejecting Ability...
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    Formovie theater and AWOL LTV-3500

    Hey guys! recently I want to choose one of these two projectors to buy for my new home. I may choose VIVIDSTROM’s S PRO for the screen. I have seen many youtuber’s reviews. I am hesitant about these two models. Is there any owner who can recommend it?
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    Formovie Theatre and 120" VIVIDSTORM S PRO

    How can I extend the view to the very edge of the screen, I don't want to leave a small space at the edge that there's a frame showing. I've extended the projected view to the max with the projector's "Keystone" feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated!