hisense u8g

  1. Shelby_Compare

    Hisense U8G vs U7H TV Comparison Review

    In this article, I will compare Hisense U8G and Hisense U7H TV. The Hisense U8G and U7H are models in the Hisense ULED series of TVs for 2021 and 2022 respectively, and they are impressively bright and mixed. If you're looking for a bright enough 4K LED TV on a cheap budget, these two TVs...
  2. Tommy_tvs

    Hisense U6H vs U8G, ULED TV Review

    This article will compare the Hisense U6H and U8G TVs, two models from the Hisense ULED series in 2022 and 2021, respectively. The U6H is the successor to the U6G and differs little from the U6G overall, but adds VRR and eARC and upgrades Google TV. the U8G has a brighter picture and better...
  3. G

    Is Hisense U8G good for gaming?

    Is Hisense U8G good for gaming?