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  1. Samuel Miller

    Konka H6 Pro projector review, is it good?

    Recently Konka released a new projector Konka H6 Pro projector. Let's see if this projector is good. 1. Optical parameters In terms of brightness, the Konka H6 Pro adopts a high transmission lens, and the overall picture brightness performs better than its predecessor, but the performance is...
  2. L

    Is Konka KKTV P200 Projector good?

    Konka KKTV P200 projector is a new projector launched by Konka KKTV this year. KKTV is an Internet brand under the Konka brand, and its positioning is mainly based on cost performance, and the products are only sold online. The Konka KKTV P200 projector supports 500 ANSI lumens brightness and...