lg 2024

  1. Robert

    LG OLED Evo C4 TV: Specifications Overview

    LG OLED Evo C4 smart TV has been announced for sale today, offering options in 42/48/55/65/77 inches. The LG C4 series features a 4K 120Hz OLED high-refresh-rate screen, passing four professional certifications: low blue light, flicker-free, low glare, and reflection-free, as well as...
  2. Barton7

    LG's Latest 2024 OLED TVs: M4, G4, C4, B4 with AI Processors

    LG has unveiled its 2024 OLED TV lineup, introducing the LG M4 Wireless TV, along with the latest iterations of the standard OLED product line, including G4, C4, and B4. The official pricing and release dates have not been confirmed by LG yet, but industry observers anticipate these new LG TV...