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    Is LG LX3 curve screen TV good?

    How is LG LX3 curve screen TV? LG has released the new OLED Flex TV LX3, featuring a 42-inch OLED screen that supports curvature adjustment. The LG LX3 TV is designed for home viewing, as well as a gaming console, PC and cloud gaming display device. You would like to know more about Curved TV...
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    LG OLED Flex TV Review, is it good?

    LG released the OLED Flex TV (LX3), equipped with the world's first bendable 42-inch OLED screen. Officially, the TV is suitable for game consoles, PCs and cloud gaming. How does LG OLED Flex TV review? Officially, the curvature of this series of TVs can be adjusted from a straight screen to a...