Is LG LX3 curve screen TV good?



How is LG LX3 curve screen TV?​

LG has released the new OLED Flex TV LX3, featuring a 42-inch OLED screen that supports curvature adjustment. The LG LX3 TV is designed for home viewing, as well as a gaming console, PC and cloud gaming display device. You would like to know more about Curved TV Pros and Cons.

The biggest highlight of this series of TVs is that its screen curvature can be adjusted, which supports adjustment from a straight screen to a maximum curvature of 900R, with a total of 20 curvature levels to choose from.

In terms of configuration, the LG LX3 TV panel is 4K 120Hz specification, uses LG's α 9 Gen 5 processor, is equipped with HDMI2.1 interface, supports VRR variable refresh rate, ALLM automatic low latency, and has passed G-Sync, FreeSync Premium certification, Compatible with home game consoles.

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What do you think of LG LX3 curve screen TV?​

This TV stand is similar to a monitor, supports height adjustment, and is equipped with 40W speakers, providing excellent audio and video performance with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

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The 42-inch specification is slightly larger for a monitor and slightly smaller for a TV. LG intends to find a balance between the two products and has previously launched a number of small 42-inch and 43-inch TVs. The LG LX3 released this time is closer to the design of large-screen monitors and provides more adaptations for game users from appearance to configuration. The adjustable curved surface is its biggest highlight, and curved screens are currently used more in gaming monitors.

Although it is not uncommon for TVs to have adjustable curved surfaces, LG LX3 is smaller in size and is more suitable for small spaces such as gaming rooms, bedrooms, and apartments for daily movie viewing or gaming games. Read more about LG OLED Flex TV Review.